Friday, September 14, 2007

Not Dead, Just Lazy

Not Dead, Just Lazy
I guess when you start getting emails wondering why you haven't posted, it is time to get off my lazy butt and put something on here. The main reason why I haven't put anything on here for a couple of days is that we are basically boring people. We don't live an extremely exciting life, we spend most of our time just doing your basic living things which don't make for very interesting reading.
Lets see, what have we been up to the last few days. I have now been to 4 different stores looking for peanut butter and no one has any right now, that's a downer (yes, sis, we like peanut butter). Oh well, at least I have been keeping my yoghurt stocks up.
Another day we went uptown looking for a de-humidifier. Two of our walls are not sealed on the outside of the apartment and when the hurricane brought all her rain, it soaked through the bricks/concrete and now the walls are damp inside also. It is very humid and even more so inside with wet walls. We thought that a de-humidifier would help so off we went to the store. The clerk was very helpful and surprisingly enough didn't run screaming for their token english speaking clerk the minute we walked in. We conducted the conversation in spanish and he understood what we wanted, que sopresa (what a surprise). He went hunting other people to find out if they had anything like what we wanted and they didn't. He then did some reading and told us that our air conditioners should function as de-humidifiers. They do to an extent; but we thought that we needed to bring in some more help, it was not to be though; as they had nothing like that in stock.
Wednesday I decided to go to the tianguis ( outdoor market) shopping. Usually when we go to the tianguis we are just doing a walk and gawk and have no real purchases in mind. This Wednesday I had some definate things I wanted to look for so Roy designated it as a "womans shopping trip" and elected to stay home in the air conditioning. The man has no sense of adventure sometimes. It had rained hard the night before and there were only about 1/3 of the usual vendors set up, the streets were very muddy and there was lots of water lying around.
As I was walking down our street on the way to catch the bus, a lady stopped me and started to chat. I guess she remembered that we had been looking for a permanent place to rent in the winter of 2005. She told me that she knew of a place that will be available in Dec. of this year and that it is bigger than where we are right now. We are not looking to move; but we do know of a lady from the USA who is thinking of moving here, so I tried to get a few particulars about the place for her. Something to keep in mind anyway. A good way to practise my spanish.
I also met up with one of the neighbors at one of our local grocery stores, we were both heading on to another local shop so walked and talked our way there. Another practise your spanish moment.
A young couple and their little boy have moved from across the street to their new home. The house they had here is small and as the little boy is growing they bought a home in another colonia with 2 bedrooms. We miss not seeing him and Roy has one less little boy to give candy to.
Roy went down to the car yesterday to take the linens to the laundromat to be washed. The car wouldn't start, so he walked it over there and returned a very hot person. We have been having trouble with the car starting since we returned from the Baja, the battery terminals have been getting very corroded and he has had to remove the cables and clean them up several times. This time he says they look clean; but it won't start, so we will have to look into this a little more. A consequence of the salt air.
Today I am going to go uptown to centro and check out the fabric shops. The forecast is for the temperature to "feel like" 43 C./110 F.. A perfect day to visit air conditioned shops; although the bus ride could be a little toasty. Roy, being a shopping wimp has again decided to stay home. Go figure.
Well, the beef roast is in the crock pot cooking away for comida (lunch) later, so I guess it is time to clean up and head uptown. Hasta luego.

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Gin said...

I have daily blogs I read on my favorites and when I check in and one is missing it's kinda like if your favorite newspaper column is missing that day. So keep that pencil sharp:)