Saturday, September 29, 2007

Music Anyone?

Music Anyone?
Yesterday afternoon we were just sitting around when we heard a noise outside. It sounded like part of a band starting to warm up to play. We looked at each other and headed for the windows. Just down the street from us were two guys, they both had drums and one of them had a trumpet. He was multitasking as he held the trumpet in one hand and played it and banged on the drum with the other hand. They slowly walked up the street, and rapped on some of the neighbors fences to attract attention. As if the trumpet and drums, couldn't do this. No one popped out of their house to ask for a request, so they continued on their way up the street. I forgot to get the camera until they were almost out of view, so only got a very poor picture.

Another moon picture.

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Catherine said...

Great shot of the moon!!