Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom
Tomorrow, September 28th is my moms birthday. No, I can't tell you how old she is. She doesn't read this as she doesn't have a computer. She has no time for one she says and believe me if you knew her schedule you would agree. I am sure if I did tell her age though one of my siblings would run and tattle on me, some things never change. Somehow I don't think she wants her age plastered all over the Internet. Anyway, Happy Birthday mom!
Before we left Canada for Mexico, I scanned a lot of my old photos into my computer and onto discs so that I could have them with me. Tonight I got looking at some of the old ones and decided to post a few of them.
This is my mom and dad, in their dating days (I think). Definitely before 5 children entered their lives! I have always loved this photo of them, they look so happy.

This is their wedding photo.

This is my maternal grandfather in his younger days. I believe that this was taken on his way home from ringing the church bells. The church is in the background. This was before he emigrated from England to Canada.

These are my maternal grandparents. I believe that this was their wedding photo. Both were born in England and later emigrated to Canada.

This is my paternal grandmother, another wedding photo? She was also born in England and emigrated to Canada.

This is my paternal grandfather. He was my only grandparent to actually be born in Canada; his parents had also emigrated from England a few years before he was born.


wayne said...

I think back in the day having your picture taken by your car was the thing to do. I have a very similar picture of my parents posing by an old (probably new then!) car. A lot of my friends my age have similar pics of their parents in the same kind of pose. Interesting how the trend transcended borders.

1st Mate said...

What handsome people! I think you look a lot like your paternal grandmother.