Saturday, September 08, 2007

Flooding Near Empalme

Flooding Near Empalme
The effects of Hurricane Henriette continue. Yesterday there were lots of people evacuated from areas around Empalme because of a reservoir being breached. The people were taken to shelters and the Governor of the state was in the area surveying the damages.
The following photos are from the Periodico El Vigia, a local newspaper.

Military evacuating people.

This taken from El Imparcial newspaper.

On a lighter note.
In March of this year I had noticed a tree with the most beautiful blooms on it on a street near here. I spoke to the lady in the house closest to the tree, it is outside the house fence, beside the sidewalk. As a courtesy I asked her if it would be alright for me to come back and get some seeds from the tree when they were ready. She said, of course, come and get some, it doesn't matter if I am home or not. Before we left for the Baja I returned a couple of times checking on the seeds, finally right before we were ready to leave the seeds were ripe, so I collected some.
A week or so ago I came across the seeds and decided to plant some of them to see if they would germinate. They did and they are coming along nicely, so in 5 or 10 yrs. I may actually have a blooming tree. Ha Ha. I believe the tree is the Bauhinia Tree.
The mature tree.

A close up of the blooms.

My babies, they have a lot of growing to do.


Gin said...

Brenda, you are correct. Your tree is a Bauhinia tree. I pulled out my trusty Sunset Western Gardening Book and learned it is also called a Brazilian Butterfly Tree. Commonly referred to as an Orchid tree also. There are four varieties. These vary greatly b species and climate. Growing up in West Texas I had never saw one until we moved to Mexico. They are grown in Calif, Hawaii & AZ. Beautiful trees!!

Ann said...

Those flowers are beautiful! How big does the tree get?

I'm going to have to start a gardening journal for when I have my own place. The problem is I will never have enough room to grow everything I want.

Have you seen any other examples of these trees since you first saw this one? I'm going to have to watch out for it.