Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dolphin Dies At Delphinario

Dolphin Dies At Delphinario
One of the 4 dolphins (Gabriel) at the Delphinario has died. They are not sure at this time why; but tests are being conducted at Guadalajara, Jalisco and also at the Independent National University of Mexico . The other dolphins seem to be healthy; but the staff are keeping a close eye on things. Apparently the dolphin died within 24 hrs. of becoming ill and the veterinary could do nothing to help it. They are thinking that it was some type of virus and possibly the effects of Hurricane Henriette had something to do with it also.
The dolphins do therapy sessions with children with Autism, Downs Syndrome and Cerebral Paralysis.
The therapy sessions have been cancelled until the first of October because of this.
Delphinario, photo taken from El Vigia newspaper.

In other news, more about the Virgen de Gaudalupe that was retrieved from the sea by the fishermen of La Manga. They are saying that it was abandoned and so they brought it in and had no bad intentions when they did it. They say that at no time did they intend for it to be viewed as a miracle and that it also was not serving its intended purpose as an artificial reef for fish. It weighs more than 2 tons and is more than 3 meters long. They insist that it was not a robbery as she was covered with stones and sand and not performing as a reef and that they didn't realise that they had to inform the harbor authorities. They say that she is safe now and should remain in a chapel in La Manga. Apparently they held a meeting yesterday and it has been decided that the Virgen will remain in La Manga.

La Virgen, photo taken from El Vigia newspaper.

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