Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Cloudy Morning

A Cloudy Morning
A cloudy morning, well it was for a few minutes anyway. We opened the door and windows and let the cool, moist air in. Refreshing after the air conditioning being on all the time.
Our view this morning.

I had another photo I wanted to post; but my censor (Roy), dis-allowed it. Seeing as it was of him, I allowed his censorship. Oh well.
One set of my camera batteries went dead on Saturday and when I went to charge them the charger wouldn't work. I am thinking perhaps a power surge damaged it. Luckily I had the other set charged, as I don't like not having my camera handy.
I decided that I would go looking for a new one on Sunday as we had decided that it was just too hot to stand in the sun watching the parade for hours. I have also been wanting to look for a new memory card for the camera as the one I had was too small. I had to be careful if I was taking little videos not to run out of room.
I headed to the Soriana grocery store first as I knew that they carry cameras. Sure enough they also had the card that I needed. I got a 2 GB. card for what I thought was a decent price; but they didn't have a battery charger.
I had looked in our new telephone book before leaving home to see if there was a camera store that sells accessories. It told me that the camera store in the El Vigia mall does. See, we have only had the phone book for a couple of days and already it has come in handy, even without a telephone. Sure enough, they had chargers and I got one complete with 4 batteries so now I also have some extra batteries. A good shopping excursion.
We spent a lazy day yesterday and didn't do anything. This morning I think that we are going to go out to San Carlos to look around.

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