Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wildlife Here

Wildlife Here
Naturally as we are out in the country there is more wildlife here than what we are used to in town.
So far, some of the things that we have seen are: a coyote, a rabbit, lizardy type creatures, a mom and dad quail and their little ones, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, doves, and many other birds that I cannot identify. Out in the water we see fish jumping and also the "bat rays" as our homeowner called them. They jump out of the water several feet and then smack the water as they land. At times there are constant smack, smack sounds. They are interesting to watch and our homeowner told us that sometimes they are so loud at night that they keep them awake. Also, of course there are the usual cows and goats.
We went into town yesterday and had lunch and then picked up a few more groceries.
The beasts are all fine and getting friendlier, two of the four are now spending time in our laps getting their petting quotas fulfilled.


rusty in miami said...

What a great Holiday you are having, I got to get me a gig like that.
Enjoy and take lots of pictures

Mark said...

There is nothing better than a holiday with the experience of watching animals in action. Did not realise that Mexico had so muc wildlife.