Saturday, May 19, 2007

Trip To La Paz

Trip To La Paz
We left Guaymas on the bus to Los Mochis at 8:30 AM on the 17th of May, after Ciro very nicely offered us a ride to the bus depot. Bus ticket 160 pesos each (about $16.00). We had a fairly long stop over in Obregon as the bus driver dropped us at the depot and then went and picked up a part that he needed for a problem on the bus. This errand completed we continued on our way to Mochis. After we arrived there, we collected our luggage and asked for directions to the bus going to the ferry at Topolobampo. The first person we asked pointed us in a direction and told us 3 blocks, we completed the 3 blocks and asked someone else. The second person told us it was another 3 blocks, so we continued on. At the end of the 2nd 3 blocks we asked another person and we were again told it was 3 blocks. We laughed and continued walking and did eventually find the bus. We waited for about 15 minutes and the bus took off heading for the ferry. Bus ticket, 20 pesos each (about $2.00). We arrived at the ferry terminal around 5 PM and purchased our tickets. Ferry tickets 680 pesos each (about $68.00).
We then had about 6 hrs. to wait as the ferry was scheduled to board at 9 PM and leave at 11 PM. We had a bite to eat and sat around talking. A little girl about 2 or 3 yrs. old adopted Roy and we spent lots of time playing with her. If Roy managed to walk away from her without being noticed she would stand calling him in spanish, of course, but what she was saying was, "come grandpa, come". We got lots of amused glances over this.
The ferry boarded late and shortly after boarding we were called to dinner. The dinner is included in the price of your ticket and there was a choice between 3 entrees. The meal was good. The ferry finally departed at 12 AM and we were on our way. We wandered the boat and sat around trying to catch some zzzzzz's.
We arrived at the ferry terminal around 6:30 AM and disembarked shortly thereafter. After collecting our bags and standing in line to have them checked we again started bus hunting. We found a bus going into La Paz, 20 pesos each (about $2.00) and headed into town.
We asked for directions to the hotel where we were meeting our housesit family and started off. Naturally it was further than we were told; but we found it without any problems. We had a couple of cups of coffee and wandered around the malecon looking around until our homeowners arrived.
We then went for lunch, did a couple of errands and left La Paz heading for Los Barriles.
After driving for about 1 1/2 hrs. we arrived at their home and are nicely settled in. We have met the animals and are getting to know them.
This afternoon we went shore fishing for awhile; but didn't catch anything but the rocks. I lost my hooks and Roy got a big tangle in his line so it wasn't a very sucessful fishing trip.

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1st Mate said...

Thanks for all the details on the Topo ferry, very informative. You should add a label for it, lots of people are always asking prices, times, how to get to it, etc. Hope you enjoy your stay in Los Barriles.