Saturday, May 05, 2007

Some Medical Costs

Some Medical Costs
One question we get asked quite often is about medical costs. How much is it, how is the care, etc.. The charges that we have incurred so far have been quite reasonable.
I haven't been feeling well the last couple of weeks and had been diagnosed as having a kidney infection.
I thought I would list some of the medical costs that I have had the last 2 weeks. The doctor I go to has his own small hospital and speaks very good english, so he may be more expensive than other doctors that I could go to. The nurses, receptionists, etc. do not speak any english. It is very convenient though, to go to him, as he has all the facilities/equipment at his disposal. He does not keep files though, so any info. that is garnered is up to you to keep track of (blood test reports, x-rays, etc.). The onus is on you, the patient to keep your own records. There are also medicos that you can go to at certain farmacias (drugstores), for 20 pesos or about $2.00. I have used these medicos sometimes just to get my blood pressure checked; and they are fine for minor things.
Here is a run down of the costs:
Dr. examination: 200 pesos-about $20.00
Antibiotics, 2 other medications: 361 pesos-about $36.10
Blood, urine, etc. tests: 350 pesos-about $35.00
Dr. examination, Ultrasound, antibiotic injection: 700 pesos- about $70.00
Injectable antibiotic (2 doses) and 1 other medication: 534 pesos- about $53.40
Charge to give injection (nurse told me that the charge was to cover the cost of the needle): 30 pesos- about $3.00
Injectable antibiotic (1) and oral antibiotic: 374 pesos- about $37.40
Urine test: 50 pesos- about $5.00
Total costs for Drs. visits, ultrasound, tests, 4 injections, medications: 2659 pesos-about $265.90
I have one more appointment with the Dr. on Monday to compare the tests and make sure that the infection is cleared up.
In Alberta all I would have had to pay for out of all these costs would have been the medications; but I am quite sure that they would have exceeded the total cost of everything I paid for. I shudder to think of what all of this would have cost in the USA. On the other hand I don't believe that the care would have been the same, it is very doubtful that an ultrasound would have been done in either Canada or the USA and I am sure that the Dr. exam. would have been a 5 minute in and out visit, not the comprehensive check up that I got here. The doctor here takes his time and thoroughly goes through the possibilites before coming to a judgement. All in all, it was a good experience- if being sick can ever be called a good experience.


Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better now.

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1st Mate said...

You're right about the cost of such treatment in the U.S. being prohibitive if you're not covered by (also prohibitive at our age) health insurance. I wondered, also, if you found your Mexican doctor more accessible. In the U.S., we often had to wait days or weeks to get an appointment unless it was a dire emergency. When I saw my Guaymas doctor, he was available the day after I called. Mine didn't speak English, but worked closely with a computer, did his research while I was there and kept records.