Thursday, May 24, 2007

Los Barriles

Los Barriles
After arriving at our temporary home just out of Los Barriles we spent the next 4 days touring the town with our homeowners and getting the usual instructions.
Roy took a walk up an arroyo one afternoon and came across a couple of old buildings. As you can see from the photos the construction is a little different from up north.

On Tuesday we all drove to the airport at San Jose and our homeowners left for their holiday. We drove back to Los Barriles, had some lunch and picked up our groceries.
One of the cats brought a "friend" home for lunch yesterday. Unfortunately for the "friend", he was the lunch! Venezia, the cat, tried to take her catch into the house; but we managed to thwart that plan in a hurry. She laid it down outside and it promptly tried to run away, it had just been playing dead. She quickly captured it again and this play went on for awhile before she finally dispatched it. She ate a bit of it and then left it, so we got rid of the rest of it. Later on that evening after eating her kibbles, she came back out to look for it. We laughed at her when she couldn't find it and went looking around for it. I guess we had disposed of her "dessert" for the evening.

This is the view we have from the patio.


Nancy said...

Wow! Love your view!

Pamela Heywood said...

My four cats here in Tenerife would live on a staple diet of lizard, if I were to let them. Between running around to ensure that they don't bring them indoors and hide the remains for later under the spare bed, I keep trying to explain that some are "protected" species too, but it's all to no avail. I predict you'll have lots of fun with this! :)