Thursday, May 10, 2007

2 Years Of Blogging

2 Years Of Blogging
It doesn't seem that long ago; but yesterday was my second blogging anniversary. Two years of putting my thoughts down on virtual paper. I started out on Windows Live Spaces; but quickly got frustrated with it and switched to blogger. Altogether I have made 346 posts.
When I started blogging in May of 2005, we were planning our October trip to Mexico, supposedly only to escape the Alberta winter. Well, as you know, things changed and we have been down here ever since, (other than 3 mths. back in Canada to get rid of everything). Amazing how much ones life can change in 2 short years.
At the moment we are getting ready to head to Las Barriles, Baja Sur to do a housesit for 2 mths.. We leave a week from today and will head down to Los Mochis/Topolobampo by bus and then over to La Paz by ferry. Should be an interesting trip. We will then spend the next 2 mths. looking after some kitties and a home on the beach, on the Sea of Cortez. We will be looking across the Sea of Cortez from the other side for awhile. It should be a quiet time as the home is 6 miles out of town. We are looking forward to it.


Marie McC said...

Brenda, congratulations on your two-year blogging anniversary! That's quite an accomplishment.

Billie said...

Brenda, congratulations. 2 years! I must have found your blog right after you started blogging. So 2 years of blogging and 2 years of friendship. How cool is that!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Brenda - It appears we started just a day or two apart - as you know it is also my two year Blogging anniversary as well.

I enjoy reading your gentle woman's perspective on relocating to Mexico - and so non-political ;-)

Hummingbirds and flowers need their champions - you are a good one.


rusty in miami said...

Congratulation that is great, I wonder if I can last one year

Nancy said...

I'm glad to have met you online and hope to some day meet you in person! Congrats!