Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Already

Thursday Already
I'm not sure where the days go; but they sure seem to disappear fast down here. Monday and Tuesday I went to spanish class and also stopped at the campground at San Carlos to see Marilyn and Linda on one of those days. Linda has a book that I wanted to look at before we go to Yuma. I am thinking of buying it there; but wanted to look through it first. It is a self-guided spanish learning book by Marcial Prado, called Practical Spanish Grammer. It seems to be not too bad and if I can find it, will purchase it while we are there.
Tuesday night it clouded up and we had a couple of drops of rain and a rainbow. Yesterday started out sunny; but then turned gloomy and cloudy also. We did get enough rain last night to wet the patio.
The photos below are of the sun on the mountains at sunset Tuesday and the rainbow after the couple of drops of rain.

We are probably heading to San Luis Rio Colorado on Sunday night, by bus, getting there around 8 AM Monday morning (depending on how many check stops there are on the road). Roys sister and husband will pick us up from there and we will spend the week with them in Yuma. The plan is to return here next Friday in time for all the carnaval parades, etc. which start on the 15th of February.
Today is spanish class again and then will spend Friday and Saturday doing laundry and getting ready to leave for Yuma.

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