Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Short Trip

A Short Trip
Monday, January 16, 2006.
We left Guaymas on a bus headed for Huatabampo, Sonora. Bus fare $80.00 pesos or about $8.00. Travelling down highway 15 past Empalme, Bacum, Navajoa to Huatabampo. We arrived around 1 PM and wandered around the town, gawking and walking as is usual for us. We checked into a hotel and resumed our sightseeing. The weather was cool and windy, probably the nastiest day we have had here in Mexico. It is greener past Obregon, with lots of fields and greenhouses (irrigated of course). At Huatabampo it is much flatter country, as we have left the mountains. We spent the afternoon and early evening wandering around the town. We found the plaza and the church, of course, the first things we look for. We sat in the plaza for awhile, beautiful stained glass windows in the church. It seems like a nice town, fairly clean with wide streets. For some reason we both decided that we wouldn't want to live there. We are not really sure why, it just didn't feel like the place for us. It just didn't have that at home feeling.
Tuesday January 17, 2006
We caught a local bus to Yavarus, which is on the shore. We walked around the shore viewing the sights. Laughed as we saw a pig tied to a tree, asleep on his feet. Lots of small fishing boats, pelicans and other birds. It is a very small pueblo, with not even a good sized store, and since it is 21 kilometers from Huatabampo we decided that this place was also not an option for us. We caught the bus again and returned to Huatabampo. This morning was very cool and windy again, we realised how much we appreciate the lack of wind in Guaymas! We caught a highway bus to Navajoa and then another one to Los Mochis, Sinaloa which is the next state south from Sonora. We arrived in Los Mochis in the early afternoon and after finding a hotel, we began walking around the city. Los Mochis is a large city, with wide streets and sidewalks in good repair and lots and lots of trees. A very pretty city, with less garbage on the streets than Guaymas; but still without that feeling of home. We again found the plaza, which was beautiful. A large fountain in each of the four corners of the square, lots of large trees and very well kept. Across from the plaza is a church of course.
Wednesday January 18, 2006
We spent some more time walking and checking out the sights, finding another beautiful church. We decided to head back home to Guaymas, I, for one was feeling homesick. The return busfare from Los Mochis, Sinaloa to Guaymas, Sonora (approximately 440 kms.) was 150 pesos each or around $15.00. During the trip north (which takes a lot longer than going south because of the checks for drugs), we watched 3 movies and saw lots of the country. Men with their horses and carts cutting firewood, people harvesting, planting, and working the fields and just going about their daily lives.
It was a good trip; but we were glad to get home to Guaymas. We stopped at one of our local places (a home with a patio that serves food and drinks) for supper and then walked back to our place. After unpacking and chatting with the landlord about our trip, we relaxed glad to be back in our own little place.
We spent Thursday and Friday doing housey things and are getting ready to go to our "hidden cove" after finishing at the computer.
As Dorothy said, "there's no place like home."

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BillieS said...

We've been to Los Mochis. We caught the Copper Canyon train in Los Mochis. If you have time, the Copper Canyon train is worth doing. Plan to get off the train at a few places along the way.