Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Road Trip

A Road Trip
There are 2 entries today to make up for being lazy.
There were some places that we wanted to visit that, either the buses don't run to or were inconvenient, so we went and bought insurance for the car last week. It cost us $152.00 dollars US. for 1 years coverage.
Ciro had given us a map he had from his days of working for the electric company. This map showed all the towns and villages in the Guaymas Valley, populations from 50 to 1000 people.
We left around 9 AM and travelled the 4 lande highway until a few kilometers past Empalme, then turned north. This road was 2 lande pavement for about 40 kms. then turned into roads? across the sand. We had a destination in mind (La Misa) but the roads defeated us. It was a rough, bumpy track in the sand, over cattle guards. Horses, cows and goats roamed at will, we laughed as they detoured around the cow guards in the road and walked through a break in the fence. The road got to be too much for our low car and we turned around.
We drove around in some of the towns before heading back to the last town on the paved road (Ortiz). We passed a lady and her daughter walking, so stopped and asked them if they were on their way to Ortiz, which was still a couple of miles away. Yes, they said, so we offered them a ride. We asked her if the other road to La Misa was better and she siad yes. Of course, I had to ask her about snakes and she said "yes, mucho vibros", many snakes. Aarriving back in Ortiz we dropped them off at a little store and headed off. We started down the road again, detouring off on all of the side roads.
Lots of big greenhouses with seedlings started and large fields of vegetables, some just planted and others (mainly peppers) being harvested. All grown with irrigations of course, the plants are on raised beds with water channels on each side.
Harvesting the peppers.
We passed a couple of camps for the workers that were sad and depressing to see, I can't imagine what it would be like to live there. All of the towns we passed through had electricity; although a few houses looked like they weren't connected. Beautiful gardens around the homes, filled with heavily laden orange and grapefruit trees, lots of flowering trees and roses of every color. According to Ciro this is the time of year that the roses bloom, in the summer it is too hot.
Back on the main highway again we tried to get to Playa del Sol. The sign said 2 kms., well, again we found ourselves driving on a sand track over cattle gates. Piles of sea shells on and beside the road. Driving extremely slowly over the rough and hole filled track it didn't seem that we were getting anywhere close to a beach. After bottoming the car out we decided to give up and turned around, defeated.
Back on the main highway again, we had 1 more destination to try- Playa El Cochorit. Sucess this time. A narrow paved 2 lane road lead us to a beach. Long stretch of beautiful sand, lots of palapa shade structures and some mexican families enjoying the lovely afternoon. We had a nice walk on the bech and returned home.
Roy washed the dust off the car. Ciro and Irene came out and company arrived, lots of hugs and "Feliz Anos" all around. The daughter of the company ( 3 or 4 yrs. old) had a new puppy. A tiny pug puppy, which she allowed me to hold. When she looked away Roy tucked the puppy inside his shirt and told me to call her and ask her where the puppy had gone. I told her the puppy was lost. Her face dropped and she started to look for him, when Roy pulled him out from inside his shirt she thought it was hilarious. She was still laughing as they went into the house. Roy then went to the store for some fresh peppers for our spaghetti sauce and after eating we had a relaxing evening.
The rest of the pictures are here: http://community.webshots.com/album/535565618Rguimn

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