Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Canadian Election

Canadian Election
Well the election in Canada is over and it sounds like it went the way everyone expected it to. The Liberal party lost and the Conservative party won; although not with a majority, which is probably a good thing.
It's pretty quiet here, we are just doing the usual things. Baked cinnamon buns this morning, just after I took the first panful out of the oven the landlady came over with some food for us to sample, so I gave her some cinnamon buns. An even trade this morning for a change.
It is chillier here today and surprisingly cloudy. We get very few really cloudy days here. The weather forecast says "mucho frio", very cold--well that depends on what you think is cold!! To us from Canada it is like a cool summer day, for the people here it is cold. I do have to admit that I am wearing a sweater and wished that I would have put on my jacket. Roy laughs at me as I am feeling chilly. He thinks that I have acclimatised too well and will definately freeze to death back in the Canadian spring. The high for today by the way is 75 degrees Farenheit.
I find myself thinking of our short trip last week. Wondering if any of the young men on our bus, with the final destination of Tijuana, were thinking of crossing the border on the wrong side of the law. If they were, we hope they are alright. Thinking of the men we saw gathering firewood with their horses and carts and hoping that they gathered enough to stay warm, as some of the houses are far from what we think of as being warm. Houses built with wooden pallets, cardboard, tin, tarps and anything else available. Thinking of the small brick making place beside the side of the road right beside their home, which was not made of brick. I guess if you use the bricks yourself you cut into the profit margin. Thinking about how the people here have accepted us and enriched our lives. Thinking about how lucky we all are and most of the time don't realise it, thinking about how much we love being in this country and how much we will miss it here when we have to return to Canada in April.

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