Thursday, November 10, 2005

Just Hanging Out

Just Hanging Out
On Sunday I took the bus uptown (4 pesos or about 40 cents) and then took another bus to the enxt town to the east of us (Empalme). The bus fare to Empalme is 6 pesos (about 60 cents). Roy stayed at home to watch his football game, his Seattle Seahawks were playing! I wandered around the market and the town for a couple of hours. The market consists of blocks and blocks of open air stalls selling everything imaginable. Cheap plastic gadgets, toys, lots of clothes and shoes, old tools, sports equipment, computers, TV's, stoves, furniture, food-both cooked and uncooked, drinks, meat, vegetables and everything else you can think of. Lots of people, smells, colors and sounds. I didn't really need anything but did lots of looking and people watching, later on I walked around the town and stopped for a coke. The owner of the small place I stopped at for a coke, looked at me with a big smile and asked "you english?", Si, I said and then we both started laughing as I said yes again in english. I returned to Guaymas, wandered around downtown for awhile, just enjoying the sights, sounds, and weather. The downtown streets without traffic lights have traffic cops to direct the vehicle/pedestrian flow. After stopping the 2 cars coming my direction to let me cross the street, the traffic cop decided to chat. He wanted to knowwhere I was from, how long we were staying, if I was alone, how we liked the city, beaches, etc.. It always seems to surprise people that we are living in Guaymas, not the tourist town to the west of us. Everyone is very friendly and forgiving of my horrible spanish and will speak slowly and repeat things several times until we manage to figure it out. The owner of the mini-mercado (small grocery store) a couple of blocks from where we live, always tries out a couple of different wods on me everytime I go there and always with a big smile.
The weather here is cooling off, the highs are around 32 Celcius and the lows around 20 Celcius.
Monday after reading our emails and going to the bakery, we got groceries and cleaned the house up. We do lots of walking and gawking and everything takes a little longer. Tuesday we hopped the bus again; but this time to San Carlos (town to the west, bus fare 9 pesos or about 90 cents). There was supposed to be a used book sales there but there wasn't. We went into the Belle Artes building, an art gallery, and looked at the paintings. Lots of wonderful work. Many of the paintings that we liked are done by a deaf/mute man from Puerto Vallarta. He has a signature way of incorporating the light in his paintings that we really liked. We wandered down a side street and got talaking with a fellow cleaning up an apartment. He wanted to know if we were looking for a place to rent. After telling him that we had a place for this year, we starting inquiring about next year. He showed up the apt. . It is almost new, 1 bedroom and nice, he gave us a price of $2500.00 pesos a month ( around $250.00 dollars) utilities included, it is a short walk from there to the sea, maybe 5 minutes about 2 blocks. We got his phone number and he told us he would put a cable TV hook up in if we wanted one. Hmmmm, makes you think. We really like where we are right now, we have lots of interaction with the neighborhood and everything is so close and handy. San Carlos is so spread out and the mexican community feeling would not be the same. On the other hand that place has a nice area to sit outside which we lack and miss here and also that one is so close to the sea. It will need some thought, if we do manage to come again next year. We picked up some more groceries when we got home, made a batch of peanut butter cookies, and took some to the landlady and relaxed for the evening.

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BillieS said...

The nice thing about renting is that you can go to a different place next year and keep widening your circle of exploration.