Thursday, June 09, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy

I know I haven't been on here for awhile; but things are busy around here!! Lots of yard work to be done and yard cleaning. Now that I have gotten rid of alot of steel,etc.(left over from our business) I have been cleaning up the yard where it was stored. What a job; but almost done. Looks much better now; although no one but me could see the mess as it was stored down by the barnyard, I do feel better now that it is cleaned out!!

A couple of days ago I acquired 3 automatic,self propelled lawnmowers to keep the grass in the pasture mowed. They seem to be working wonderfully and will save me alot of time this summer, as I won't have to do it. Would take me almost all of one day, several times a summer to mow it and at the price of gas now this is a big help!!!(See photo). Actually the "lawnmowers" are on loan from a neighbor just for the summer. It is nice to have animals back on the place again. They are beautifull horses and huge!!(Belgians).

Nothing much to say about our trip right now, just keeping up with reading the newspapers,message forums,etc. to see what is going on there right now. The Blue Jellyfish arrived in the San Carlos Bay a few days ago, so the swimming was not so great!!! It is disgusting to see that the temperature down there now in the early a.m. is warmer than our daytime highs get.

Well that's it for now. Time to get outside.

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