Friday, May 20, 2005


Hello, just a short note to say that I've added some photos to the Guaymas album and have also started a new album of some pics. of the yard. I will be adding to the yard photos as the summer blooming progresses. The cowboy and cowgirl at the yard entrance I made this winter, I prefer the painted versions to the black silhouettes. The fish are in a fair sized pond that I had the neighbor excavate with his backhoe! The river starts at one end of the back yard, goes right across the yard and empties into the pond. Yes, it has a major size pump,with a 2" hose that sends the water under the creek to a spillway and runs it down the creek back into the pond. I haven't gotten the pond filled completely yet, it takes alot of water, so fill it in increments. It looks like the rain is over and the sun is back out, so I guess it's back to mowing the lawnssssss. Bye for now, hope you enjoy the photos.

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