Monday, May 09, 2005

In The Planning Stage

Hello everyone.  As some of you know we are planning to spend the fall/winter of 2005/2006 in Mexico.  After many hours of research online we have finally decided where we want to visit.  We will be going to the city of Guaymas in the state of Sonora,Mexico.  Here is a link to a map of Sonora. . Guaymas is a port city on the Sea of Cortez with a population of approx. 130,000. It is not a big tourist city which is its attraction to us!  Here is a site with some information about Guaymas.  . About 10 kms. east of Guaymas is a small city called Empalme. Empalme is different in that it has only been founded since 1905, and was built as a railroad town. This is their centennial year. Here is a site with a lot of info. about Empalme.  . To the west of Guaymas about 20 kms. away, is the town of San Carlos, this is a tourist/expat. town of approx. 7,000 residents. You can visit here on a virtual tour by using this link .  We have been emailing to someone in Guaymas and he will assist us with renting an apartment when we get there, as our spanish is pretty well non-existent!!! I have been trying to learn some spanish online and have progressed to being able to understand some of the local newspaper which I look at every morning with my coffee. It is much easier to decipher the written that the spoken, as when I turn to the local radio station there(online) I maybe catch 1 out of every 10 words!!! Oh well, after 5 mths. of immersion we should pick up something!!

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